About Us

We aren’t

more of the same.

We are seasoned thinkers solving creative challenges that vary from consumer products to financial services.


We work without gibberish or intellectual templates. Each project has specific needs, auditoriums are multi-form and communication channels are multi-directional.
We prefer flexible strategy, deep thinking, and a passion for detail to find perfect storytelling where the product or brand shines with all intensity in each communication action. With the same intention, under the same approach: connect and persuade.
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“The parallelism between best clients and the best creativity is that they boost the business, while in a wisdom act you avoid either of them go to next door”.

Jerry – CEO, GDA Connect


(Of our best creative work).


We are part of your team because we do something better than others.

We like challenges.

Because they make us grow and find new ways to be sharper and more talented.

We aren’t suppliers.

We’re brand’s partners instead of review committees, that’s why we focus our talent and efforts on the brand’s audience expectations.


Our work is part of yours, so it is a good idea to invest correctly in us.

We’re brain matter.

Our strategic and creative resources are our most valuable assets, therefore we do not participate in pitches without payment or offer proposals without established commitments. What we do free of charge with potential clients is a strategic evaluation of your communication.


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Creativity & Content
Web & eCommerce
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